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Open letter to the International Community

19 Mai 2011, 10:05am

Publié par GTT International Geneve

SOS MADAGASCAR: NO openings of the coup regime

Madagascar is currently suffering a disastrous economic and social situation that is becoming increasingly unbearable for the whole population. Looting, illegal and continuing sellout of national wealth, corruption at all levels, rising prices and serious violations of Human Rights (intimidation, assassinations of opponents ,...) are many serious situations that the Malagasy are face every day since the coup of March 2009. 

Moreover, in 26 months of crisis, Madagascar has recorded more than 2 million people suffer from unemployment, nearly 400 political prisoners without trial for most and almost 1600 children missing children. 

We acknowledge the efforts by the the International Contact Group (GIC) to help the Malagasy in their search for a way out of this long political crisis. The SADC member states summit  meeting in Windhoek and the preliminary meetings between 4 political forces and SEM Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba, President of Namibia and current Chairman of the SADC reflects this. 

Following these meetings, the latter confirmed that SADC and the Namibian government does not recognize the new government installed by Rajoelina. This position is perfectly consistent with that of the African Union and SADC on unconstitutional changes in Africa. 


France never hide its support for the leader of March 17, 2009 coup. But, the other EU Member States have chosen intransigence vis-à-vis the coup by calling Rajoelina to stop a "flagrant violation of democracy and the rule of law."

The representative of the European Union in Madagascar, Leonidas Tezapsidis, again confirmed on the occasion of Europe Day  this Monday, May 9, 2011 stating that "the (European) Union maintains its firm position for Madagascar "and " warns against any decision that deviates from the consensual and inclusive way to end the crisis".

Similarly, the recent statement by Mr. Louis Michel, at the end of the 21th session of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly ACP-EU in Budapest (Hungary) is unequivocal: Rajoelina and his team, who embody illegality, not should not be in Istanbul during the UN Conference on Least Developed Countries at risk of setting a bad precedent. He also urged the international community to "put maximum pressure" on the coup. 

Rajoelina and his team began a campaign in search of international recognition. In this respect, the meeting between French Foreign Minister, Mr. Juppe and the young coup leader for which we expressed our outrage is an insult and a declaration of war on the Malagasy people already devastated by 26 months of totalitarian regime.


Indeed, Rajoelina and his team continue, not without arrogance, their unilateral decisions as usual confirmed by several facts:

·   the Agreements signed in Maputo and Addis Ababa are disowned by the Leader of the coup. For its part, France has sought to impose a parallel agreement for handing full authority to Rajoelina and preventing the elected President to return to Madagascar. This « roadmap » was rejected by the three political forces, and many group of civil society.

·   The holding of pseudo constitutional referendum in November 2010 which, was widely boycotted and not recognized by all international communities,

·   The use of false political parties to "inflate" the signatories of the Roadmap parallel and thus give the impression of a massive support to the policy of the HAT,

·   The sidelining of civil society representatives, the CNOSC, which including not only dialogue but also malagasy relevant proposals for ending the crisis and lasting consensus in its final report No. 4 April 19 2011,

·   The formation of a new government falsely consensus with the participation of a few dissenting and accomplices led by the only research interests,

·   The renewal of Camille Vital to head the new government, demonstrating that only the change in continuity,

·   replacement of elected by the member of HAT,

·   The unilateral and hasty decision to hold elections for the month of September 2011 and this, with support from France through the OIF and the IOC, two organizations with very strong French influence.


All this is a strategy implemented by the de facto power, obsessed by the quest for international recognition, wanting to mislead the international community particularly during the summit meeting of SADC May 20, 2011 which will decisive for Madagascar and the Malagasy people. Also, we ask the international community:

·   not to be seduced by the false arguments of the perpetrators of coup and to refuse any official recognition to this totalitarian regime,

·   Accept only working for a real transitional government inclusive and consensual where all political forces are represented in accordance with agreements in Maputo and the Additional Act of Addis Ababa, which remains the only guarantee to be free and transparent elections.

·   confirm and support the effective implementation of the sanctions decided by the African Union against the perpetrators of the coup,

·   order the release of political prisoners and the safe return of Mr. Marc Ravalomanana, President democratically elected for guarantee of lasting peace for the country,

·   contribute to the disarmament of militias ,

·   ensure respect for civil and political rights of all Malagasy without exception, including the right to participate freely in elections

·   to ensure respect for fundamental rights and especially the rights to enter and leave freely the territory for all Malagasy without exception.

·   to stand surety for the organization of free elections, transparent and credible and do not let other organizations in the pay of the former colonial power whose objectivity and neutrality are questionable.


Finally, in 2 years of fighting against the dictatorial regime, the Malagasy people need you. We dare not imagine for a moment that you can leave it in its struggle to restore freedom and democracy. The winds of democracy should they be limited to the Maghreb and the Near and Middle East?




GTT INTERNATIONAL GENEVE – Collectif de la Diaspora

15, rue des Savoises

Genève - SUISSE


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